Review: Horseplay - The Troy Musical

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THE Fringe, lest we forget, is for everyone. And that includes drama societies. Take Napier University’s Greek musical, for example.

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Greenside, Infirmary Street

A complex story with more costume changes than a Vegas revue, it could have been a Greek tragedy in more ways than one.

Thanks to a tight, snappy script, an inspired use of live music and some standout performances, though, it works just fine.

There are more murders than a Taggart series, too, and with plenty laughs scattered around, this young ensemble are in danger of giving university drama societies a good name.

There’s also a couple of gems in among the pack, namely the unassuming Georgia Rose Moran (Calchas), whose soulful, uplifting, church-preacher revivalist routine suggests a star in the making.

Run ended