Review: In The Company Of Women

In The Company of Women
In The Company of Women
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A SHOW about what it’s like to be a 30-something-year-old woman in the 21st century, this piece looks at the questions and insecurities facing women today. The show explores relationships, careers, motherhood and friendship.

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Spotlites, Hanover Street

The performances from Ruth Worth and Samara Sinclair are top notch - they fully commit to each moment.

The comedy is spot on, and the quiet tender moments are heartbreaking. Props and set are cleverly used in this tiny venue to make subtle hints. The soundscape is also excellent and a key design element.

The play itself, however, feels predictable. The characters may be charming, and many of the women in the audience could surely empathise with their struggles, but the script doesn’t say anything interesting or proffer a different point of view on the challenges facing women today.

A strong production with material doesn’t live up to talents on display.

Any woman will be able to laugh along and see something of themselves in these characters - this would make a perfect girls afternoon out.

Until August 31