Review: Jellybean Martinez - Mr Saturday Night TV

Jellybean Martinez
Jellybean Martinez
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IN a day and age where most are obsessed with social media, updating twitter pages and letting every man and his dog know what they ate for breakfast (#Ihadabanana), think back to the glory days of the 80s and 90s where, on a Saturday night, the entire family would sit down and watch a plethora of entertaining game shows on TV.

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Just The Tonic, Cowgate

Harping back to this magnificent era, Portuguese born Jellybean Martinez - actor, singer, dancer, writer and master of homemade sculptures - brings us his homage to a time long past its prime, or at least, his interpretation of it.

Think Barrymore, think Edmonds, think Monkhouse all rolled into one.

Actor and comedian Matthew Ellis returns to this year’s Festival with his exciting, vibrant and downright side-splitting one man comedy, which will undoubtedly leave you on your knees begging for the bathroom.

With a perfectly balanced mix of stand up and character comedy, immaculate audience interaction and a few ‘surprise surprises’, he proves you don’t need to pay a small fortune to have one of the best afternoon’s on the Fringe.

Defiantly one show you must not miss.

Until 30 August