Review: Jon Cozart

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IF you’re a teenage girl, you’ll know Jon Cozart.

IF you’re a teenage girl, you’ll know Jon Cozart. His After Ever After Disney parody on YouTube has 53 million views. His 99 second Harry Potter has 28 million views. Jon Cozart is a YouTuber, an acapella internet sensation and for the first time ever, he has a live show. This is all a teenage girl’s dreams come true. It’s enormous fun.

A self-confessed shy boy who started out making YouTube films as an experiment, Cozart is a charming, smart, self-deprecating 23-yeaold who hails from Texas.

Using a mix of live song, piano and film footage, he skips through his YouTube history with a bunch of other wickedly funny songs thrown in along the way. His ascerbic ‘too rude for YouTube’ parody is a highlight.

For one so young and astonishingly successful, Cozart is delightfully down to earth. He indulges the tremulous teenagers with a Q&A session and hangs out round the back after the show to sign autographs and pose patiently for a succession of selfies.

He claims this will be his first and last live show. Catch him while you can. Whatever your age, this is a treat.

Until August 31