Review: Land of the Dragon

Land of the Dragon
Land of the Dragon
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BILLED as a show for anyone from five to 105, Land of the Dragon is chock full of imagination, wonderful puppets and wistful charm.

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Scottish Storytelling Centre, Royal Mile

A medley of Welsh fairytales, we first see the red and white dragons battling it out to rule the land at the dawn of time. The red dragon leaves an egg, entrusted to a baby who is sent to sea to protect the precious cargo.

The baby grows into a man, travels the world to find the egg’s rightful place - and still it doesn’t hatch. Until one day, we learn what the now old man has been guarding all his days.

An inquisitive sheep, a cheeky cockerel and an endearing dog accompany our hero during his adventures along with magical figures and of course, the dragons.

This is a visually lovely production from Puppet Soup with beautiful attention to detail in set, props, music and Fagner Gastaldon’s glorious puppets. The story is told in English and Welsh by Cass Gastaldon and Tamar Williams which adds to the epic, mythical feel. Not withstanding a few hiccups with the sound, this show kept the smallest children in the audience captivated and the adults entranced.

Until August 31