Review: Lucie Pohl - Cry Me A Liver

Lucie Pohl
Lucie Pohl
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FOLLOWING the successful run of her critically acclaimed show Hi Hitler during last year’s Fringe, German-born New Yorker Lucie Pohl returns to give her latest piece, Cry Me A Liver, its Edinburgh outing.

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Gilded Balloon, Teviot

Opening with the cup rattling philosophies and street bum wisdom of a homeless New York beggar, Pohl introduces us, over the next hour, to a series of her keenly observed and at times outrageously over-the-top characters. She twists and contorts physically to inhabit each one using only an odd prop or 
costume ad-on to punctuate a style or type.

As a shop girl who earnestly performs the Beyoncé song Single Ladies at a poetry reading or an over aspirational mother, demanding that her six-year-old should be more careerist and future-proof, Pohl is able to put her considerable acting 
talent to good use.

A surreal portrayal of Vladimir Putin’s sperm is also humorously unnerving yet cleverly executed.

Not all of Pohl’s creations are instantly appealing and the laughs can be bit sparse as she pokes around the slightly darker areas of comedy.

But in attempting to challenge and draw a variety of reactions from her audience.

Pohl hits her mark.

Until August 30