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Molly'Pleasance Courtyard
Molly'Pleasance Courtyard
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EVERYONE knew someone like Molly during their school days. You know - one of those cruel, sadistic, manipulative bullies no-one ever liked?

The sort of person that, if it weren’t for a sliver of self-awareness, would have probably ended up killing somebody. You can still picture them, can’t you?

* * * *

Pleasance Courtyard

Well, Molly is such a person. And she hasn’t changed much since school.

Now a successful 29-year-old businesswoman, four TV show hosts are about to replay her life back to her, eager to pinpoint the exact moment she became a sociopathic monster. The question: is she really evil?

A dark, edgy piece of physical theatre, there’s a lot to like about Molly (the play).

A nifty concept, the production values are surprisingly high for a low-budget Fringe show, and there are times you’ll feel you’ve regressed back to the playground, too.

Molly - played to chilling, neurotic effect by Angelina Jolie lookalike, Lizzie Clarke - is undoubtedly an unhinged menace.

But, is she really a monster?


Evil is measured by one’s own standards, and everyone, of course, has a dark side.

Whatever conclusion you come to, you’ll be thinking about it long after you’ve exited the theatre.

Until 23 August