Review: One Day When We Were Young

One Day When We Were Young
One Day When We Were Young
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ONE of the last places you might expect to find two of American television’s fast-rising young stars is tucked away in a box at the foot of George Square.

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Assembly, George Square

Sam Underwood and Valorie Curry (The Following, Dexter, and The Twilight Saga), however, are here portraying a young couple who have absconded to a hotel for an awkward night of love-making during the height of the Second World War.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the period, the pair become separated - Underwood’s character is assumed killed in Japan, while Curry’s goes on to marry and have several children.

A chance meeting, however, later in life, rekindles the twosome’s love for one another.

It’s not plain sailing, though. Questions have to be asked, underlying resentment faced up to.

To see two fine actors in close, very intimate proximity is a real treat. Their chemistry is undeniable and the illusion of time - the characters go from teenagers to old age pensioners - is craftily directed.

The twist in the tale is not exactly unpredictable, and the characters’ occasional procrastination might have you willing them to get to the point.

Nevertheless, this is a delectable piece that charts the hurt and understanding of unrequited love through the ages quite beautifully.

Until August 31