Review: One For My Baby

One For My Baby
One For My Baby
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SET in a 1950’s cocktail bar, One For My Baby transports you back to an age of glamour, romantic song, and mischief.

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The Space On The Mile, High Street

Starting at the end of his broken relationship with Ava Gardner, Frank Sinatra walks into a bar, orders a drink and tells the barman their ten year love affair is over.

“Play it again, Sam,” he slurs.

As Frank relays his story, we dip in and out of flashback scenes, such as their first date, their wedding and some seriously vicious arguments.

The play touches on their fragile egos, jealousies and addictive personalities. Gardner (Holly Sumpton) oozes 50’s film glamour and beauty; she appears to have stepped straight out of an old classic movie.

Sinatra’s (Matt Concannon) suave, cheeky persona, on the other hand, leaves you longing for him to burst into song.

In fact, Concannon is the only character that doesn’t give you a tune - the music comes in the form of a ‘live’ jukebox.

Indeed, the soft jazz, playing gently in the background, complements the show’s mood.

Until 29 August