Review: Penny Arcade - Longing Lasts Longer

Penny Arcade
Penny Arcade
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BRING paper and a pen to this show because you’ll want to take notes.

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Underbelly Cowgate

Penny Arcade abounds in the kind of wisdom gleaned by grabbing life with both hands and suffering numerous blows to the heart along the way.

She dispenses it in poetic cadences, with a smile, an invitation to dance, and a hefty dose of Manhattan moxie.

You’ll leave with your brain scrubbed clean and your eyes re-focussed on what life’s all about.

Ferociously intelligent, endlessly questioning, bursting with energy, Penny takes aim at advertisers, political correctness, gentrification (of ideas as well as places), sugar zombies, ageing, the tyranny of fragility, and more.

You’ll hear about Hannah Arendt, Brigid Berlin, Quentin Crisp, and Guy Duboard’s theory of The Integrated Spectacle.

Penny’s riff delineating the difference between nostalgia and longing travels through the decades on a roller-coaster of hilarity and pathos, winding up in the present where, she urges, we do well to get to know and love ourselves.

We should realise that ageing does not equal failure, that hitting ‘like’ on Facebook does not equal activism, and that we have more serious problems to solve than the misuse of pronouns.

Here are ideas we oldies need reminded of and youngsters need exposure to. Agree or disagree, you won’t leave unstimulated.

Until 30 August