Review: Roaring Boys

Roaring Boys
Roaring Boys
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THE Fringe should champion the excluded who cry “we want be heard too” and in this respect Sandbach School Theatre express a widely felt desire to rethink society at a fundamental level.

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Te Kore, Queen Street

The UK needs revolution.

‘Wild’ William - played with engaging imagination by Oliver Dearie - is employed by the pompous Gardening Club of social throw-backs to do the washing up.

But the revolutionary suggestion is made that for this one night, he should be chairman of the club and set the riotous rules.

He does... and the cosy vonservative world of the Gardening Club is ploughed up, good and proper.

The instigator of this revolutionary idea is played with calm authority by Harry Meyers. A ghost supports him, pointing out that Athenian democracy talked about the sharing of wealth and everyone being treated equally.

Well done the whole cast, who played with undiminished verve as the sweat poured down their anti-revolutionary cheeks but maybe a little less roaring next time.

Run ended