Review: Secrets Of Us

Secrets of Us
Secrets of Us
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COMING of age plays are often of more cathartic value to their troubled teenage performers than to the world at large. Not so Secrets of Us.

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C Venues, Chambers Street

Under the imaginative and snappy direction of Sam Mitchell, and the natural dialogue which flows from the laptop of Royal Court writer Jess Walters, the talents of the cast are allowed to rise to the occasion, touching our hearts and telling a believable tale.

Multi-media effects are sometimes used to tart-up a flimsy plot or lack-lustre direction, but here an aptly chosen sound-scape and effective lighting design and projections enhance the passion, focus and dedication of this talented young company.

Secrets Of Us is very much an ‘US’ piece, it is ensemble acting at its best and so perhaps it is invidious to single out names, however great credit must be given to Dan Badrick (Oak) and Abi Cook (Donna), the protagonists in this love story, who combined imagination, detail and the ability to listen to each others heartbeats and thus respond to each other truthfully completely ‘suspending our disbelief’.

Until 15 August