Review: Sirenia

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UP in the highest tower is the smallest performance space on the Fringe, and there, in the midst of a raging storm, the ghost of a lighthouse-keeper’s past floats in on a surge of half-drowned consciousness.

* * * *

C Nova, Victoria Street

It’s an enchanting, atmospheric, bewitching little piece: a little unsettling, unresolved, unsafe as the unrelenting storm crashed and whined.

Performances are totally realistic, but accents are thick, and even though only inches from the actors, hard to hear at times. A pity as the dialogue when it was audible, deserved to be heard. The soundscape, designed by Dylan Winn-Davies, deserves special mention, a truly amazing sound environment was created which beautifully complemented and underscored the doom-laden protagonists.

It would have been no surprise if the ocean had burst in. Weird sounds, unexplained knockings, half-heard strains from a long forgotten song had been woven very cleverly and imaginatively into the unrelenting elements.

It was a fearsome, dangerous sound.

Until August 31