Review: Tether

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THERE aren’t many Fringe shows willing to tackle disability. It’s even rarer they are willing to put it in such a positive, non-patronising light.

* * *

Underbelly, Cowgate

Teamed up here are ‘the nearly man’ Martin (who narrowly failed to secure a spot at the 2012 Olympics) with young hopeful Becky (a blind marathon runner with dreams of making it to the 2016 Paralympics in Rio).

Training gets off on the wrong foot, however, as both struggle with literally being tied to one another.

Becky is bitter about her vision impairment, while Martin - frustrated by his own failings - tries to ensure she succeeds where he floundered.

It’s a great concept (both actors use a bungee cord to give the impression of running) but it’s all a bit too predictable. Becky’s constant obnoxiousness wears you down after a while, and Martin’s girlfriend problems lead to even more obvious sexual tension with Becky.

There’s a wee twist in the (bungee) cord, but sadly, Tether is a racetrack show that fails to go the distance.

Until 30 August