Review: The Backside Monologues

Backside Monologues
Backside Monologues
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YOU rarely hear a critic say it, but this 30 minute show could have been twice as long and no one would have complained.

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Spotlites, Hanover Street

Written and performed by Amantha Edmead, The Backside Monologues is many things: a feminist manifesto; an international history lesson; a cultural exploration of what it means to be a black woman; a dance exhibition and a dance class. Within two minutes of starting, Edmead had the room on its feet, shaking left, shaking right and finishing off with a twerk to get the blood pumping.

Edmead sings, she dances, and she has found a way to make important points without hectoring the room. She talks about Queen Nanny, leader of the Jamaican Maroons; the Hottentot Venus Josephine Baker and Lena Horne. We also learn a bit about the performer, herself.

It was effective, exuberant, and moving, but it could have been even more so if it hadn’t hustled along at such a clip.

Pop in - it’s only a fiver - to get your spirits lifted and your tuches twerked. You’ll feel better for it, and smarter, too.

Until August 26 & 31