Review: The Black Hoods Cabaret

The Black Hoods Cabaret
The Black Hoods Cabaret
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KNUCKLE and Joint are a young puppetry company who specialise in producing intricate puppets.

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The Space, Surgeons’ Hall

And the puppets on show in this cabaret are fun; artfully constructed, full of character and whimsy. But the story spun around the puppets is weak.

We are introduced to a collection of one-dimensional characters (the singer is very fat, the stage manager is bald and anxious and so forth) who are mostly united through a cabaret show. Their stories all seem to end the same way with a slapstick death.

Our two puppeteers, Peter Morton and Rebecca O’Brien, seem vaguely uncomfortable in their role as comperes so their black hoods make sense.

They’re physically talented but you’ll yearn for a better script to show off their skill.

Liza Minnelli devotees will shudder at repeat renditions of a classic from the iconic movie, Cabaret.

Most grown people will shudder when a cardboard penis makes its sizeable way into the story. The dog is lovely but then the show descends into chaos and – luckily – ends.

It’s on at 10.10pm so if you’re out late and after something that’s sort of funny and a little bit strange, this could be the one for you.

Just consider yourself warned.

Until 22 August