Review: The Clocks Strikes Noon

The Clock Strikes Noon
The Clock Strikes Noon
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TO create a true gem of a production all the boxes have to be ticked, the writing, casting, direction, acting and the work of all the creatives.

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C Nova, Victoria Street

The Clock Strikes Noon ticks all the boxes. What more can be said without risk of hyperbole?

The small capacity audience sit in claustrophobic tension as the clock ticks by for the Deal to be done - and it’s just as the deal seems to be resolved that the rules change - and change again, and again.

A brilliant and believable see-saw. To say more would be to destroy surprise, but at every twist more of each character is revealed. All four performances are an equal match to the finely nuanced script.

Of course, there is resolution but it’s doubtful if many, if anyone in the audience, will guess what it is.

Until 31 August