Review: The Derby Day

The Derby Day
The Derby Day
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THE Ballard brothers have just booked a VIP box for the horse racing on Derby Day. Fresh from burying their deceased dad, they are determined to see him off in style.

* * * * *

Gilded Balloon, Teviot

However, it’s clear from the minute they arrive at the racetrack that this isn’t going to be a happy family reunion.

As the drinks start to flow, skeletons begin to come out the closet. Words, best left unspoken spring from their mouths quicker than a horse out of the starting gate.

With the family secrets flowing as fast as the blood (each brother harbours his own addictions, failures and loose morals), the audience are gripping their seats wondering what is going to be spat across the stage next.

The script is fast, punchy and hits squarely in the chest with each revelation.

Scenes are neatly interspersed, too; the arrival of the waitress acting like a moral compass in the chaotic landscape.

Humour is also nicely placed allowing you to breathe between fight scenes.

This is a physical piece of theatre with no piece of furniture left untouched.

The hard-working cast faultlessly embody their characters with ease, and with over 3000 shows at this year’s Fringe to choose from, this is a safe bet for your money.

Until 31 August