Review: The Hunting of the Snark

The Hunting of the Snark. Pic:: Anna Bruce
The Hunting of the Snark. Pic:: Anna Bruce
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KEEPING group of young kids laughing and fully engaged for 50 minutes is not an easy task. Just ask any parent trying to find a suitable Fringe show for their kids this August.

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Pleasance Courtyard

Fortunately, the Snark is at hand. For here, the emphasis of this perky, upbeat musical is on total silliness.

The story begins with Dad (a greedy banker), who hires a Snark Hunter to track down a valuable beast. No sooner is Dad aboard his ship, we realise his son has snuck on board looking for an adventure.

Landing on Snark Island (twinned with Leith), chaos ensues as Dad finds himself joined by an over-eager chef, a chicken (the funniest of the bunch) and a gorgeous beaver.

Packed to the gunnels with laughter and mayhem, there’s plenty of great moments for the kids (and adults). No children’s musical would be compete, either, without tunes to tap your toes to and some witty lines, both of which, are in plentiful supply.

Some morals are thrown, too, of course - Dad realises there’s nothing more valuable in the world than his son.

However, the musical is best summed up by 4-year-old audience member, Edan Davies. “They are very silly, I really like it.”

Nuff said.

Until 31 August