Review: The Story of Faust

The Story of Faust
The Story of Faust
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FAUST devotes his life to finding out what happens ‘on the other side’ so it’s perhaps only fitting that his 
attempts to conjure up the devil result in a sinister deal with Mephistopheles.

* * * *

The Space, Surgeon’s Hall

Any wish he cares to wish will be granted – but in exchange, he must give the devil his soul.

On entering the auditorium, we’re greeted with our first sight of an extraordinary ‘musical theatrical contraption’, full of detail including a tiny skeleton band, it provides set, special effects and musical accompaniment for the show.

The puppetry is wonderful. Ingenious, full of personality, lovely attention to detail and colourful imagination – watch out for the flying carpet.

The script serves up enough thrills and spills to engross kids with a wry wit and social commentary that adds another layer of interest for adults.

The three multi-talented puppeteers are also musicians, using a keyboard, violin, two lutes and a handful of jaunty songs to aid the storytelling.

Until August 29