Review: The Voice Thief

The Voice Thief
The Voice Thief
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THE Voice Thief is classed as a children’s show but there’s nothing childish about it. Deep in the bowels of Summerhall, the audience is introduced to the Mackenzie Institute for the Encouragement of Vocal Harmony.

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We meet Broderick Mackenzie, its gloriously larger-than-life owner, and learn that the Institute was set up to iron out the vocal imperfections.

A promenade production, the audience is led from room to room to explore the different facets of the Institute before also being let in on its secrets.

The production is a masterpiece of set design with incredible attention to detail (look out for the photos).

Institute owner Mackenzie is a wonderful cross between Jim Carrey, Jonny Depp and Jeremy Kyle and even that doesn’t do him justice.

The twins are, by turn perfectly prim and brilliantly boisterous. And Mackenzie’s daughter, Beatrice, is wistfully endearing.

The show is recommended for kids nine years old and up - all those in attendance were enthralled - but for adults wearying of the sound of their little darlings’ tones by the end of the summer holidays, this show will strike a (vocal) chord.

For those interested, it makes a much bigger statement about freedom of speech.

However, you choose to see it, it’s also enormous fun.

Until 30 August