Review: Trainspotting

Trainspotting'In Your Face Theatre Co
Trainspotting'In Your Face Theatre Co
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WELCOME to the heart of late-1980s economically-depressed Edinburgh and prepare to be surrounded by the characters who populate that world.

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In this interactive Trainspotting, you are part of the unfolding story from the moment you walk in to the dark, booming space that is illuminated only by glow sticks.

Actors appear unexpectedly amidst audience members who are seated around the graffitied room.

Each scene, character and piece of the set has intense detail and is as unashamedly graphic as Irving Welsh’s novel.

It’s easy to forget that the punchy characters are actors as the emotions and struggles that they portray are scarily realistic.

A lot is condensed into an hour and 15 minutes. The iconic and most important scenes are cherry-picked to tell the story of Renton and his friends’ struggles with drugs.

Brutally honest, unfiltered, heartwrenching, this production will make you uncomfortable, in the best of ways.

Don’t expect to sit comfortably, the lack of plush seating only makes the experience more intense.

Until August 31