Review: Two Sore Legs

Maria Connelly in Two Sore Legs
Maria Connelly in Two Sore Legs
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SET in 1940s Belfast, the star of this one-woman show struts onto the stage in fur coat and high heels.

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Assembly, George Square

Written by award-winning playwright, Brenda Murphy, this is the story of her mother, Bridget.

Portrayed by Maria Connelly, Bridget stands next to her own coffin in the first scene: “I don’t want people crying,” she says, “I want them roaring, really roaring.”

With six children to another married man, she encounters the bigotry, the troubles of Belfast and her extremely disapproving church.

Yet it’s all handled with courage, great humour and a massive love for her children.

The scenes in which Connelly plays out her father’s conversations with a priest are jaw-achingly funny. And she leaves no part of the stage untouched as she switches between a multitude of contrasting characters.

As Bridget, however, she leaves you sobbing with depression one minute, crying with laughter the next.

To tell you how the show got its name would be telling. But let’s just say it’s a story you’ll happily explain to your friends for a long time to come after sitting through this incredible one-woman tour de force. A must-see.

Until August 31