Review: Wasted

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RAPE. A contentious issue with no shortage of grey areas. A serious matter that continues to spark debate. Just ask the audience of this show, who, following the performance, were still deliberating over who was in the wrong and who was in the right. Most of those talking were women.

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Gilded Balloon

Here, sadly, the subject matter is dealt with in a manner more in keeping with a theatre workshop. Two actors (Will Merrick and Serena Jennings), playing a multitude of roles, chart the morning after the night before.

Cue a bunch of horny young drunks, boorish bouncers (the first scene is set in a nightclub, the audience stood on the dancefloor), and concerned mothers.

But it’s not that straightforward. There’s back stories, flashbacks, and a lot of chopping and changing. The questions raised are many. The greyest of the grey - is consent just a feeling?

The writer doesn’t offer any solutions. And that probably tells you how difficult rape is to establish.

As a production, however, it’s just too cluttered and self-indulgent.

Until August 31