Review: Whisky, Tango, Foxtrot

Whisky, Tango,  Foxtrot
Whisky, Tango, Foxtrot
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YOU will come across plenty shows covering sexual harassment, alcohol abuse and feminism this August. Few of them, however, will have the talent, subtlety, and craft of Rebecca Crookshank.

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Underbelly, Cowgate

A former RAF officer, she has that rare ability to home in on the heavy stuff without ever turning the audience off.

Here, she welcomes you dressed in military fatigues, “Come in, sit at the front, don’t be shy,” she commands. Everyone does what she says without question.

Is she hiding behind her uniform?

Using copious amounts of dry humour, Crookshank reflects on the trajectory most young people take moving into adult life: entering their chosen career, seeing the world, and having a fun time in the process.

She lets the darker aspects of military life, however, bubble on the surface, and like a lot of people who have been abused, uses metaphor - a fluffy toy penguin - to exemplify her torment and subsequent rebirth.

The personal videos merely connects you to her more.

The fact this venue resembles a Hangar is an ironic coincidence. What Crookshank’s show really has going for it, though, is the audience’s desire to know what became of her after she left the RAF behind.

A sequel surely abounds?

Until 30 August