Review: Willie And Sebastian

Willie And Sebastian
Willie And Sebastian
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THEY say misery loves company, and that’s certainly the case for these two: Willie (Andy Gray) and Sebastian (Grant Stott), who have a friendship based on respect for each other’s failings in life.

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Gilded Balloon, Teviot

The first five minutes are a masterclass in audience engagement, as Andy Gray shows off his theatrical chops.

Chatting away, in character (in his underpants), Willie’s crotch gets closer to one audience member’s face than she perhaps anticipated: “You regret sitting in the front row now, don’t you?” he quipped.

Just as the audience get warmed up, Sebastian (in full panto garb) enters the scene. Clearly, still in panto mode, Stott’s over-the-top portrayal of his character seems almost disjointed from the play. That said, the audience lapped it up big time.

Two older men, having spent their lives spending a fortune on drink, drugs and prostitutes find themselves in an hysterical battle over a high class hooker.

Played by sassy Scot, Michelle Gallagher, Rebecca handles the pair with the skill of a lion tamer.

This is a far cry from Grant and Andy’s usual ‘script’ - one audience member said “that wasn’t panto”.

However, the guys still manage to send their audience home with a smile on their face, ribs tickled.

Until 31 August