Review: Worbey & Farrell’s House Party

Worbey & Farrell
Worbey & Farrell
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SITTING under the beautiful Assembly Rooms chandeliers, a frisson off excitement reverberates around the hall. There’s a feeling you’re about to witness something special.

* * * * *

Assembly Rooms, George Street

Enter Worbey and Farrell: a flamboyant piano duo: sleek suit on one, waistcoat on the other, shoes so shiny they’re blinding. They seem almost pleased to inform the audience they earned a mere £27.50 from last year’s Fringe shows.

As this ‘lesson’ begins, a large camera beams back images of the piano’s 92 keys overhead. The ivories tinkle, too, under the twosome’s nimble fingertips - like watching several ballet dancers glide across the stage.

They wittily guide you through Gershwin, an outstanding ‘premiere’ of their deviance of a Caprice, before plinking and plonking through some classics. A wide-eyed audience are then sent in to roaring laughter as they sample hip hop’s Sir Mix-A-Lot’s ‘cheeky’ tune, Baby Got Back.

Receiving a well deserved standing ovation, the hugely talented pair leave the audience educated, entertained and uplifted.

A definite must see show; they also deserve to take home more than enough money for a take-away meal.

Until August 30