Review: Wretch Like Me

Wretch Like Me. Pic: Comp
Wretch Like Me. Pic: Comp
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THE story of how a person becomes totally devoted to, and then totally jaded about, the American Evangelical Christian movement is inherently interesting.

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This show gives a real insight into what attracts young people to this type of faith, and feels like an important story to tell.

The material is compelling, but is let down by an underwhelming presentation. David Templeton is telling his own story, and yet he never makes eye contact with the audience, and, therefore, it lacks the intimate feel that might benefit this kind of show.

It also does not have enough theatricality to feel like a fully fledged piece of theatre - it lies in a odd no-man’s land between these two styles, and so feels a bit lost as a performance piece.

If you are interested in this topic, and would like to know the inner workings of the movement, then it is well worth a look. As a show, however, it lacks the power that the material deserves.

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