Spend a penny in Urinetown with EU Footlights

EU Footlights cast of Urinetown Pic: Andrew Perry
EU Footlights cast of Urinetown Pic: Andrew Perry
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THEY’LL be crossing their legs at the Church Hill Theatre this week as Edinburgh University Footlights present their production of the Tony Award Winning show Urinetown: The Musical - the clue, as they say, is in the title.

Urinetown is set in a dystopian world where a 20 year drought and water shortage has seen private toilets banned.

Only public loos remain and you have to spend more than a penny to use them.

A toilet tax, no less. Oh, and the penalty for nipping behind a bush or tree is extreme.

The notorious Urine Good Company (UGC) controls the regulation of water and public toilets, exploiting the poor and threatening to banish them to ‘Urinetown’ if taxes aren’t paid, whilst enjoying a luxurious lifestyle themselves.

Meanwhile, the unlikely hero, Bobby Strong, starts a revolution against UGC, discovering along the way what being sent to ‘Urinetown’ actually means...

“I fell in love with this musical on realising that there was so much more to it than meets the eye,” explains director, Madeleine Flint.

“Whilst it is undeniably a self-referential parody of the stereotypical musical, it is also a social commentary.

“Beneath the score is a sinister satirical undertone that will feel almost too familiar in the current climate. I have worked with the cast to ensure this is not lost in performance.

“Whilst the characters are hilarious theatrical stereotypes, the actors find and maintain a level of relatable honesty within their performances.”

Producer, Nicola Frier adds, “This is an exciting venture for Footlights following from the more traditional musical choice of Guys & Dolls last year.

“This show has opened new realms for movement, characterisation and comedy, that have challenged and enhanced performing experiences.”

Let’s hope the production is flushed with success.

Urinetown: The Musical, Church Hill Theatre, Morningside, tomorrow-Saturday, 7.30pm (2.30pm), £12.50, www.edfootlights.com