Susan Boyle: I still worry about paying the bills

Susan Boyle
Susan Boyle
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SINGING superstar Susan Boyle says she still worries about paying her bills – despite having £22 million in the bank.

“I’ve been there, sitting in the dark, unable to pay the bills after my mother died and before I went on Britain’s Got Talent,” said the singer who was catapulted to fame eight years ago. “My biggest fear is going back to that, which is why I strive to be sensible.”

But even after selling more than 25m records and amassing a huge personal fortune, SuBo, from West Lothian, says she keeps a lid on her spending for fear of it all going wrong.

“My goals are simple now,” said the 56-year-old. “To have good friends and family around me and enjoy some of the money I have earned within reason and ensure I never have to worry about paying my gas and electric again.

Despite her wealth, the Scots star has stayed close to her roots and still lives in the former council house in Blackburn, where she grew up.

The megastar owns a £300,000 five-bedroom villa nearby but prefers the comfort of her childhood home, using what she calls her “posh house” mainly as an overflow wardrobe.

SuBo will perform in front of a Scottish crowd at this summer’s Glamis Prom in Angus on July 15. It marks a return to a venue where she sang alongside her idol Elaine Paige in 2015.

“There is nothing quite like singing on your home turf to a Scottish audience,” she said. “You can’t beat it.”