The Best Kids’ Shows At The Fringe

Trash Test Dummies
Trash Test Dummies
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The Fringe has long championed the most cutting-edge theatre, but this year, more than ever, venues are exploring the lucrative childrens’ market. Here Caitlyn Dewar selects a dozen kids’ shows not to be missed

Game On (Ages 5-13)

COMEDIAN Matty Grey returns for a second year at the Fringe with side-splitting show, Game On.

The 50 minute piece is interactive and perfect for pulling kids away from their video games consoles and putting them into the game themselves, as they follow one man’s struggle after being sucked in to Game Land.

The Three Sisters, Cowgate, until 30 August, 1.30pm, free

The Play’s the Thing: Shakespeare for Kids (Ages 4+)

LONDON’S Globe Players invite children to take an enchanting journey into the work of Shakespeare in The Play’s The Thing.

Performing his classic stories in a way children will enjoy, The Play’s The Thing offers an insight to his most famous characters and a chance to meet the man himself.

St Peter’s Church, Lutton Place, until 31 August, 12.15pm, £7.50 - £9.50, 0131-226 0000

Arabian Nights (Ages 5+)

ENTER a world of mysterious marvels with Arabian Nights and meet the greatest storyteller in all the land, Sheherazade.

Her fantasy tales include genies, Aladdin, Ali Baba and others, but can she keep the King entertained long enough to save her life?

Gilded Balloon, Teviot, until 23 August, 11.15am, £8-£9, 0131-226 0000

Storyteller, Storyteller (Ages 4+)

WHEN two storytellers show up at the same place at the same time to tell their stories confusion ensues for all involved.

Both storytellers think that they are The Storyteller in this head to head battle of clowning around and silliness.

Cowgatehead, Cowgate, until 30 August, 2.30pm, free

A Pocketful of Grimms (Ages 5+)

THIS unique storytelling experience features some of the most popular fairy stories from Brothers Grimm.

From popular tales like Hansel & Gretel and Rumplestiltskin to lesser known works like Fundevogel, the storyteller will transport audiences in to fantastic adventures in a land of fables.

Gilded Balloon, Teviot, until 31 August, 12.30pm, £8-£9, 0131-226 0000

Yuck! (Ages 5-11)

TWO critically acclaimed female comedy duos join forces in this interactive fun-filled show about vegetables.

That Pair and Twisted Loaf present an hour of improv, humour, clown and song with outrageous characters.

The Thee Sisters, Cowgate, until 19 August, 12.10pm, free

Pitschi, the Kitten with Dreams (Ages 2-7)

THE heart-warming tale of a kitten who is not quite like the rest returns.

Based on the Swiss children’s story by Hans Fischer, the tale follows the smallest kitten of the litter who doesn’t want to be a feline.

He tries being a rooster, a goat, a duck and other animals before returning home. The story is illustrated with toy kittens, and children are encouraged to join in.

Gilded Balloon, Teviot, until 23 August, 10.15am, Family Tickets £20.00- £26.00, 0131-226 0000

Princess Pumpalot: The Farting Princess (Ages 4+)

BASED on the top-selling children’s book, Princess Pumpalot returns for a third year to the Fringe.

The interactive show follows the adventure of the Farting Princess as she tries to save the castle from low-flying gnomes with the help of her colourful friends.

Sweet Venues, Grassmarket, until 30 August, 11am, Family Ticket £32, 0131-226 0000

Grandad & Me (Ages 5+)

THIS beautifully crafted story is one of loss, longing and treasured memories as a young girl who misses her grandad goes on an adventure through time and space.

Led by objects that she finds and her vivid imagination, she goes on an adventure, tracing his steps through time and space.

Summerhall, until 23 August, 12.05pm, Family Ticket £30, 0131-226 0000

Trash Test Dummies (Ages 1+)

THREE young men in overalls with wheelie bins probably aren’t the first people to be thought of as masters of circus acts and acrobatics, but the Trash Test Dummies are taking to the Underbelly Circus Hub for a hilarious and entertaining hour of just that.

They swept up awards in Australia’s Fringe Festivals and aren’t to be missed here.

Underbelly Circus Hub, Middle Meadow Walk, until 29 August, 12.25pm, £10-£11, 0131-226 0000

Martin ‘Bigpig’ Mor’s Funny Stuff for Happy People (Ages 0 +)

FUNNY Stuff for Happy People is a show kids can take their adults to without them getting bored or going in a huff.

An hour of comedy, circus and stupid science is fun for all the family, where adults can get involved just as much as kids can and a must see this Fringe.

Stand in the Square, St Andrew Square, until 30 August, 11am, Family Tickets £24, 0131-226 0000

You Look Tasty! (A Play by A. Tiger) (Ages 5+)

THE London Zoo Players have a dedicated cast ready to put on a play, but a tiger is on the loose, and one of their cast members has gone missing. The future of the show is uncertain, and no one knows if the cast member has become a delicious snack.

Pleasance Courtyard, until 31 August, 11.45am, £8-£10, 0131-226 0000