Theatre Review: Adam and Eve the Musical

Adam and Eve the musical. Pic: Comp
Adam and Eve the musical. Pic: Comp
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AT the Gilded Balloon, Splendid Productions bring a refreshing, mischievous charm to the tale of man’s first and hardest fall from grace.

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Gilded Balloon Teviot

Ben Hales’ script takes a while to set up the subject and warm into the characters, but once there, you can’t help but invest in the drama that unfolds as Adam and Eve work out why they’re no longer God’s chosen ones.

Supported by outstanding turns from Gerard McGrath’s sexy Satan, Lawrence Libor’s uptight Archangel and Kerry Frampton’s sublime confused Caribou and really rather randy Tree, Scott Gilmour’s Adam and Claire- Marie Seddon’s Eve have lots of room to develop their parts.

The music is performed by the actors as the story progresses, giving the production an organic feel. A couple of cracking, catchy songs, including the beguiling (This) Morning Has Broken (My Heart), speeds the action along no end.

Until 25 August