Theatre Review: Auld Edinburgh Tales

Auld Edinburgh Tales. Pic: Comp
Auld Edinburgh Tales. Pic: Comp
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MAGGIE Dickson, commemorated in the Grassmarket pub, was deserted by her husband, got a job in a pub and ended up pregnant to the landlord’s son. The baby was born dead and Maggie was sentenced to be hung.

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Sweet at the Apex Hotel
Nearly three centuries on, her spirit roams Edinburgh’s streets, determined to wreak her revenge. And so we meet one of her victims, a hapless Fringe performer determined to find an audience for his play. Maggie sets out to seduce him.
The show has promise (the venue, Sweet at the Apex Hotel, is just across the road from the aforementioned pub) but never quite delivers. Natasha C McKim’s script is bold, leaping in time from 1723 to modern day in the blink of an eye. But the characters feel one-dimensional.

Actors Selma Gulyurthi and William Nimmo, are enthusiastic but their performances would benefit from greater exploration of light and shade - anger isn’t always expressed by full-pelt shouting.

Until 26 August