There’s nothing elementary about new Sherlock Holmes play at Roxy

Michael Daviot and Mark Kydd - Holmes and Watson
Michael Daviot and Mark Kydd - Holmes and Watson
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PREPARE to see Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson as never before in a new play by David Stuart Davies at the Assembly Roxy.

Davies, the author of two solo plays about Sherlock Holmes as well as many highly acclaimed Holmes novels and the definitive biography of Jeremy Brett’s performance in the role, is widely regarded as the doyen of British Sherlockians.

A world-renowned expert on Conan-Doyle’s creation, Davies is a member of the Baker Street Irregulars, and the provider of commentaries for the DVD box-sets of both the Jeremy Brett and Basil Rathbone takes on Holmes.

The production stars Michael Daviot and Mark Kydd as Holmes and Watson.

Sherlock Holmes: The Final Reckoning, Assembly Roxy, 25-27 February, 6.45pm, & 1-3 March, 5pm, £8