Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh is looking for love

Irvine Welsh pictured before an event at Leith's Biscuit Factory to introduce his new novel Dead Men's Trousers.
Irvine Welsh pictured before an event at Leith's Biscuit Factory to introduce his new novel Dead Men's Trousers.
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TRAINSPOTTING author Irvine Welsh has said he is looking for love after splitting from his American wife last year.

The writer revealed being single for such a long period was getting to him and thinks a new girlfriend would make him happier.

Welsh and Beth Quinn, who lived in Chicago, parted ways in April last year after nearly 15 years together and their divorce is currently going through the US courts.

Following the split Welsh began a new relationship with Sarah Pinborough, an English author of young adult and thriller books, but they separated after a few months.

The 59-year-old Edinburgh-born author said he is now in the market for a new partner.

Asked in an interview with The New Statesman what is the single thing that would make his life better, he said: “I’m tempted to say a girlfriend.

“It’s the longest I’ve been single in decades. When you’re used to being in relationships you become co-dependent.

“That’s what I’m trying to fight through, and it’s a bit of a battle.”

Welsh said he had taking to meditating on the beach near his home in Miami to help him cope with being single.

He added: “I’m currently actively engaged in stuff to make me feel better: the meditation I do is great for slowing my mind down.

“I’m pretty much always happy, but I’m seldom that contented.”

During an interview with comedian John Bishop at the Edinburgh Festival last year, Welsh revealed his marriage split when asked why he now lived in America.

He said: “I got married to a girl from Chicago and we were originally living in Dublin.

“We moved back to Chicago basically because she had family things going on.

“I lived there for eight years but when we split up in April I moved to Miami.

“I have always had a place there so I have stayed in America.”

Welsh said it was “not my first relationship break up” and joked that he may have been too like some of the characters in his books.

He said it had been a turbulent year during his break-up followed very quickly with another relationship, admitting it “was silly, because it was too quick”.

Welsh met Beth, who is 23 years his junior, when giving a talk to a creative writing workshop in Chicago and they married in Dublin in 2005.

He told The Guardian that his long periods of work on film sets, researching books or going to literary festivals meant he was away from home all the time – a problem in each of the three long-term relationship he has had.

Welsh added: “I like to have somebody I love and am loved by, but at the same time I’m always running away from them, too. That is something I have to resolve.”

Welsh’s first marriage to first wife Anne Antsy ended in divorce in 2003.

They wed in 1984 in a tiny register office in Anne’s home town of Croydon, south London.