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The Delivery Man
The Delivery Man
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Code Of A Killer (STV, 9pm)

THE two-part fact-based drama which began last week draws to a conclusion. This week, after being forced to release his main suspect - amid a storm of controversy - DCS Baker makes an ambitious proposal involving testing the blood of every male in the area, thus paving the way for the world’s first DNA manhunt. But will the powers-that-be buy into the science?


Later Live - with Jools Holland (BBC Two, 10pm)

FORMER Squeeze pianist and erstwhile The Tube host Jools Holland returns for another eight-part run of his staggeringly long-running (this is its 46th series) live music show.

Top of the bill are alt-rock band Blur, who perform as a four-piece for the first time in 16 years. folk star Laura Marling, and indie group the Vaccines.


The Delivery Man (STV, 9.30pm)

IN this new ITV sitcom, Darren Boyd stars as ex-copper-turned-midwife Matthew Bunting.

He’s given up his life as a police constable in the hope of finding something more meaningful. As a junior midwife at Easthill Park Maternity Unit, he makes an instant impact on his new team members.

However, it seems Matthew hasn’t left his old life behind.


Banished (BBC Two, 9pm)

AS we reach the final episode, Tommy shares a tender embrace with his wife Elizabeth on the morning of his hanging.

They are aware it could be their last moments together, but not everyone is ready to give up hope, as James Freeman pleads with the Governor to spare his friend’s life, and the Reverend Johnson prevails upon Private Buckley to forgive his attacker.

However, it’s Spragg who’s taking the most direct action as he fires up the convicts to make it clear how they feel about the execution...


Weekend Escapes With Warwick Davis (STV, 8pm)

WARWICK takes his family on more mini-breaks across Britain, driving their campervan to some of the nation’s most famous holiday spots. In episode one he finds out whether the Midlands can give St Tropez a run for its money.

First stop is the Peak District, where Warwick is stranded 40ft up a pole during a stint with Derbyshire Mountain Rescue.

After that, the Davises surprise him with a trip to the Vacuum Cleaner Museum in Heanor, and eventually they visit the Black Country Living Museum in full Victorian garb.


Casualty: The King’s Crossing (BBC One, 9.20pm)

WITH an accident on the Emergency Department doorstep resulting in the hospital needing to operate on a generator, it’s a challenging shift for the medical team at Holby City Hospital.

Cal receives a phone call from a distressed Taylor and finds her in a park toilet with a knife in her leg. As he attempts to treat her, she calls on his brother Ethan for assistance, resulting in Taylor being arrested.

Lofty wants to put Robyn off him and turns to Max for advice, but he doesn’t succeed she’s smitten. Following the death of Alfred, Rita finds something suspicious in his bloods. Connie’s heroic day comes to an unexpected end as she’s arrested on suspicion of the murder of Alfred.


Poldark (BBC One, 9pm)

ROSS is struggling to keep the Carnmore smelting company afloat - and George Warleggan is determined to crush it.

George’s agents are outbidding Carnmore in order to starve it of copper and George is trying to find ways to get to its shareholders, who all remain secret except Ross.