Judy Murray among those to hail '˜new' Flower of Scotland lyrics

Judy Murray has become one of several Scots to hail an alternative version of the country's national anthem '˜Flower of Scotland'.

Sunday, 4th March 2018, 12:37 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th March 2018, 12:47 pm
Bread and milk have become highly sought after in the wake of Scotland's trouble with the snow. Picture: Getty

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The new lyrics were written by Moray mum Lesley Mair - who grew up in Edinburgh - and poke fun at the country’s struggles with the recent weather.

Scotland has almost ground to a halt thanks to the ‘Beast from the East’, the weather event which brought heavy snow that has blanketed most of the country over the past five days.

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As a result many shops have been unable to properly stock their selves after deliveries were unable to be completed.

Along with Judy Murray - mother of Scottish tennis stars Andy and Jamie - retweeting a picture of the ‘new’ anthem, it has also been shared 493 times from Lesley’s Facebook page at the time of writing.

The lyrics are...

No flour in Scotland!

When will we see

Sliced breid again?

No Mother’s Pride for

Your wee bit piece and jam

No cheesey toasties

(fur who?)

Wur tartan army

Just pictures of empty shelves

Aye, blink again!

Those days are past now

But icy blast, it may remain

But we might still drive (how?)

Tae get tae Asda again

And stand in queues there

(Whit for?)

Wur milk, breid an whisky,

And carry them homewards

Tae drink again...