KT Tunstall rushed to hospital after chicken bone incident

The singer KT Tunstall was rushed to hospital after she accidentally swallowed a whole chicken bone.

Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 8:25 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 8:03 pm
KT Tunstall

The 41-year-old Scottish songwriter was spending time with her family when she swallowed the chicken wing bone.

KT went to A&E where she underwent an x-ray and had a small camera placed down her throat to check for damage to her vocal chords.

Thankfully medics at the Bath RUH, Somerset, discovered there were no lasting problems and the singer took to Instagram to tell her followers what had happened.

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The former vegetarian has now vowed never to eat chicken wings again following the close call on Sunday night.

She wrote: “A few hours at A&E at Royal United Hospital in Bath tonight after swallowing a goddam CHICKEN BONE!!

“I am never eating wings ever again!

“One X-ray and a beautifully painless Laryngoscopy later, and it looks like the f***er just scratched me on the way down and nothing got stuck.

“The #NHS nurses were AMAZING. Thank you Hazel and your lovely colleagues.

“You are bona fide Angels, and deserve way more than you receive, as does the #NHS across the board.

“You veggies are fully entitled to call karma...That’ll teach me for eating chook chooks.

“Glad to be home at Mum Tunstall’s where she hit me up with the OG hot water bottle.”

The musician, who was dining with family in Bath, was scheduled to play a concert at Colston Hall in Bristol last night (Mon).