Seven giant illuminated Chinese laterns not to be missed at Edinburgh Zoo

THERE are more than 450 awe-inspiring Giant Lanterns of China illuminating the zoo this winter.The dazzling handcrafted lanterns will inhabit the zoo, creating a vibrant trail full of colour and character. As well as lanterns in the shapes of a dragon, temple and zodiac signs, there are also more than 200 animal-themed lanterns including giant pandas, lions and penguins. Here are seven of the best...

Wednesday, 29th November 2017, 12:28 pm
Updated Wednesday, 29th November 2017, 12:29 pm
Edinburgh Zoo is hosting the Giant Lanterns of China


The zoo is home to several species of poison arrow frogs, including the blue poison arrow frog. Find them in the Brilliant Birds exhibit.


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Edinburgh Zoo is hosting the Giant Lanterns of China

The natal dwarf chameleon is an iconic zoo attraction and can be seen in the Wee Beasties exhibit.


There will be a number of traditional Chinese lanterns. The longest lantern on display is a 19-foot high and 115-foot long traditional Chinese dragon.


Edinburgh Zoo is hosting the Giant Lanterns of China

Scottish Beavers is a partnership between the Scottish Wildlife Trust and the zoo to continue the work of the Scottish Beaver Trial.


The Budongo Trail at the zoo is the world’s most innovative, interactive chimpanzee enclosure that can house up to 40 chimps.


The zoo has more than 30 flamingos in its flock. To ensure they have their natural pink colour they are fed on a diet of nutritional pellets which have been specially formulated with the dietary colours needed for the flamingos to stay ‘in the pink’.


The zoo is home to a walkthrough aviary that showcases exotic species from around the world, The giant peacock lantern was made with over 15 colours of silk.

Giant Lanterns of China runs at the Zoo from Friday 1 December to 25 February 2018, full details