Boy fascinated by Millennium Clock given exclusive tour

Luke enjoys his behind-the-scenes visit to the Millennium Clock. Picture: Scott Taylor
Luke enjoys his behind-the-scenes visit to the Millennium Clock. Picture: Scott Taylor
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MOST three-year-olds enjoy watching cartoons on TV or running around playing with toys – but Luke Byrne doesn’t have time for any of that.

Luke Byrne, from Morningside, instead loves nothing more than to visit the Millennium Clock at the National Museum of Scotland, where he stands staring at the grand structure, listening carefully to its music.

So, when the youngster discovered last month that the masterpiece was going to be taken away due to refurbishment works at the museum, he was left heartbroken.

But now the smile is back on his face after he was rewarded with an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the clock, clad in his own little hard hat and hi-vis jacket.

Nan MacPherson, his granny, said: “We have been visiting the clock for a long time.

“Luke used to have swimming lessons near to the museum, so myself and my daughter Marion used to take Luke and his little brother, Toby to see the clock every week.

“We have always found the museum a fantastic facility, but Luke took a fascination to the clock, which is quite a structure.”

She added: “He likes its movement, he just stands and stares at it. I think he might be a budding engineer.”

Luke and his gran embarked on their private tour of the clock at the end of last month.

The three-year-old was given the chance to see the clock in a dismantled form, and was able to hold pieces of it.

His granny added: “Luke loved every minute of his tour, he had a lot of fun. Any time we visit the museum, we always try to catch the clock first so we can see it in action, as it only moves every hour.

“He just loves everything about it; its structure, its movement, the little figures on it and the noise it makes.”

The museum is currently making improvements to its Discoveries gallery, where new material is being exhibited and fresh displays are being made.

A spokeswoman for National Museums Scotland said: “As part of the redisplay the much-loved Millennium Clock is being relocated to a better position within the 

“Luke enjoys visiting the clock every week with his grandmother so we were delighted to give them both the opportunity to come behind the scenes.

“Luke knows the clock very well and pointed out all his favourite parts to the team.”

Work on the gallery is set to be completed by the end of the year, when the Millennium Clock will be back in operation.

Museum staff added that they were looking forward to welcoming Luke back to the gallery then to view the clock in its new position.