These are the 22 most liveable cities in the world - and 2 are in Scotland

Two Scottish cities have been ranked in the top 22 ‘most liveable cities’ in the world for European expats, according to a new report.

Wednesday, 13th February 2019, 06:51 am
Updated Wednesday, 13th February 2019, 12:06 pm

The ECA International study looks at various life quality aspects such as health services, housing and utilities, access to leisure facilities, climate, infrastructure, political tensions, air quality and personal safety. Find out which Scottish cities made the top 22 and where they ranked...

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The Danish capital is top of the list. It has been among the highest ranking for the past seven years. Pic: Shutterstock
The Swiss capital is tied with Copenhagen in first place. Pic: Shutterstock

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The Hague is ranked joint 3rd. It is the political centre of the Netherlands. Pic: Shutterstock
Geneva has long been renowned for its cleanliness and is located close to the Alps. It is ranked joint 3rd with Geneva. Pic: Shutterstock
Stavanger in Norway is ranled 5th in the ECA list. Pic: Shutterstock
Holland's biggest city and cultural capital is ranked 6th on the list. Pic: Shutterstock
Eindhoven is tied 6th with Amsterdam. Pic: Shutterstock
This Swiss city is also tied in 6th place in the rankings. Pic: Shutterstock
The capital of the smallest European nation of the same name is rnaked in joint 9th place. Pic: Shutterstock
This beautiful Swedish city is tied in 9th place. Pic: Shutterstock
The Irish capital is also tied in 9th place, up two positions from its 2018 ECA ranking. Pic: Shutterstock
This Danish city is ranked in joint 12th place. It is known for its distinctive 'iceberg' appartment complex. Pic: Shutterstock
This major Dutch port city is ranked joint 12th with Aarhus on the list. Pic: Shutterstock
Yet another Swiss city appearing high on the list is Zurich, which is ranked 14th. Pic: Shutterstock
This city in Western Gernay straddles the Rhine River and is tied in 15th place. Pic: Shutterstock
Munich is tied in 15th place with its German counterpart, Bonn. Pic: Shutterstock
The Austrian capital is tied in 17th place, the same position as last year. Pic: Shutterstock
This major German port city is tied in 17th place. Pic: Shutterstock
The Swedish capital is tied 19th in the list. Pic: Shutterstock
The Scottish capital is tied with Stockholm in 19th place. It's the only UK city in the top 20 and key factors in this are low air pollution and low crime. Pic: Shutterstock
The view to the old town pier and the River Rhine in Dusseldorf, which ranked 21st with Aberdeen. Pic: Getty
The 'Granite City' is tied 21st with Dusseldorf in Germany. Like Edinburgh,the ECA rated it highly for factors like low air pollution and crime. Pic: JPI Media