Whoever leaked the leadership wrangle is a source of great displeasure – Steve Cardownie

The leaking of confidential information is guaranteed to raise the hackles of politicians, and none more so than in the corridors of power within Edinburgh’s City Chambers.

Ellie Bird will fill the role of SNP Group Leader for the next six weeks. Picture: Neil Hanna
Ellie Bird will fill the role of SNP Group Leader for the next six weeks. Picture: Neil Hanna

It is an issue that has bedevilled politics since time immemorial and will no doubt be a permanent feature in years to come.

Normally confined to an aggrieved minority or, more commonly, an individual, it is almost impossible to identify the information’s source.

Shrouded in secrecy and protected by a cloak of anonymity, the guilty party can pass out information knowing that, even if suspected, a journalist would never reveal their source, even on the odd occasion when there actually was one. In the City Chambers, rumours abound about who leaked information regarding the SNP Group’s decision to elect Councillor Ellie Bird (pictured) to fill the role of group leader for the next six weeks.

The Big Beach Busk is a great day out for young and old alike. Picture: Toby Williams

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    With a little detective work it is not difficult to see who the perpetrator may have been but it may not be in the leadership’s interest for this to be known, particularly if it is one of their own number who enjoys ‘protected’ status.

    Better then to find a handy scapegoat, spread false rumours and deflect the spotlight from the culprit and, in the meantime, heap criticism on a party whom you might regard as not being in your camp.

    A definition of good leadership states: “A good leader takes the lead. A good leader has personality, courage, clear vision with ambition to succeed. A good leader encourages the team to perform to their optimum all the time and drives organisational success.”

    It is by no means an easy task, and not all are able to undertake this role, but it should be borne in mind that what may seem an easy way out might just come back and bite you on the bahookie!

    We do like to sing beside the seaside

    The Edinburgh Big Beach Busk takes place this Saturday on the prom at Portobello. From its humble beginnings ten years ago, it attracted more than 400 performers last year and promises to be another huge success.

    “If you’re absolutely skint you can come down and be part of this for nothing. Bring a packed lunch, dance and fill your heart with music. If you have the means you get to give generously and support talented musicians. Either way you leave richer.” So says the founder Paul Lambie who emphasised: “Let’s all try to be kind. Let’s show each other respect. Please respect the Prom.”

    Anyone can play and it’s anticipated that hundreds of musicians will take the opportunity to do so, creating a vast and varied programme of songs and music.

    All age groups and levels of talent will be on display, making it a great day out for everyone, young or old.

    From noon the Prom will be bursting at the seams with buskers from King’s Road to Joppa catering for all music tastes (except a symphony orchestra, although you never can tell) but I will be content if I hear Warren Zevon’s Werewolves of London – and I’ll happily buy a drink for the musician that’s singing it!

    The Big Beach Busk is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

    Money talks

    My mate Jocky from Nitten (or Newtongrange if you’re from Morningside) was having trouble trying to ring home from a London phone box so he called the operator who asked him: “Is there money in the box?” “Naw,” says Jocky, “there’s just me.”