Giraffe About Town: intriguing sculpture put its foot down to deliver important message in Lauriston

Edinburgh Zoo’s Giraffe About Town project, which sees a herd of 42 charming giraffe sculptures spread across the capital, continues to bring joy and colour to Edinburgh’s streets.

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The unique art trail is a partnership between the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) and Wild in Art and aims to raise much needed funds for wildlife conservation.

The project will run until August 29 before culminating in a farewell weekend in September where the delightful giraffes will be auctioned off at Edinburgh Zoo.

Leave Only Footprints can be found outside the Edinburgh College of Art in Lauriston.

For the next month we will introduce you these impressive creatures, their story and where you can spot them.

Today we feature Leave Only Footprints, which can be found Lauriston outside the Edinburgh College of Art.

At first glance this sculpture may look like a regular giraffe – but up close, you will realise that the majestic mammal’s patches are actually made up from foot and paw prints from other animals found at Edinburgh Zoo.

From poison dart frogs to giant pandas, artist Tabita W Harvey chose a range of imprints to represent the diversity of the animal kingdom.

Edinburgh-based artist, Tabita W Harvey said giraffes have been her favourite animal ever since one licked her in the face at a trip to the zoo.

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By depicting the variety and complexity of nature in our world, Tabita hopes her sculpture will help people to think of the role they can play to conserve our planet, and to consider the footprints they leave on the future.

Tabita has been living and working in Scotland for over a decade, working in a variety of mediums including, photography, painting and paper art.

The Edinburgh-based artist said that giraffes have been her favourite animal ever since one licked her in the face at a trip to the zoo when she was two-years-old.

The charming sculpture is proudly sponsored by Ray Hole Architects.

Leave Only Footprints is proudly sponsored by Ray Hole Architects. The award winning architecture firm have previously designed several animal enclosures for zoos across the UK.

You can download the Giraffe About Town App to help you explore the trail and also be in with a chance to win prizes.

You can also add to the gallery of sculptures, vote for your favourite and track how far you have walked whilst doing the trail.

The app costs 89p with proceeds going to the RZSS.