Nina Nesbitt. Pic: contributed

Review: Nina Nesbitt at Edinburgh Castle Esplanade

Edinburgh’s own Nina Nesbitt kicked off part two of the Castle gigs on a glorious Sunday evening in support of Kylie, someone whose songs she used to sing in her Balerno living room as a wean, but refrained from covering any of the Aussie’s songs as it would be a “a bit weird.” Her own material very much sufficed.

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Newsround, presented here by John Craven, delivered news that was at least age appropriate

Kids shouldn’t have to worry about war with China – Kezia Dugdale

My friends with kids tell me this is nearly the halfway point in the summer holidays. When I say “tell” what I really mean is they expressed a view punctuated with expletives. They’ve run out of fun things to entertain them with, especially free options, and are slowly contemplating the return to school and all the costs associated with that.

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