Jeremy Wright is the UK Culture Secretary

Jeremy Wright: Journalism is vital for local democracy

There’s never been more ways to access the news. But newspapers – accountable, properly researched journalism, paid for by the cover price and the adverts opposite the story – are under immense pressure. Last week the Cairncross Review into the future of the press painted a vivid picture of the challenges facing high-quality journalism in the UK.

Nicola Sturgeon will be a guest at Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce's Women in Business lunch this month. Picture: PA

Liz McAreavey: Business group that puts ladies first

“Some women secured the parliamentary vote a century ago, women have had equal voting rights to men for 90 years, but the uncomfortable truth is that gender equality is still an unwon cause – an unwon cause that it is the duty of our generation to win.”

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was castigated in a recent report on social media by MPs. Picture: AP

Steve Cardownie: Nothing to like about Facebook’s fake news

There is no doubt that social media platforms have been playing an ever increasing role in ­attempts to influence voters throughout the world, whether it is alleged Russian interference in the United States presidential elections to the spread of unsubstantiated ­reports of wrongdoing in the current Nigerian polls. In other words the spreading of ‘fake news’ is a tactic that is here to stay.

The Gang of Four ' from left, Dr David Owen, Bill Rodgers, Shirley Williams and Roy Jenkins ' who broke away from Labour to form the SDP in the early 1980s in protest at the party's shift to the left. Picture: PA

Kezia Dugdale: Walkout should be Brexit wake-up call

I was but a toddler when a group of Labour MPs broke away in the early 1980s to form the Social Democratic Party (SPD). Naturally, I was more interested in cartoons than breaking political stories, but I’ve read enough history books and Labour biography’s to know that the band of breakaways had, let’s say, mixed reviews.

Children should be taught how to cook properly to reduce the amount of food waste. Picture: Getty

Theresa May show the way on food waste – Helen Martin

THERESA May earned applause last week – though of course, it had nothing to do with Brexit. Scraping the mould off her jam revealed that she doesn’t believe in food waste, and it started a healthy debate which had nothing to do with the EU, no-deal, or the World Trade Organisation.

Jocelyne Fleming, Old Town BID project manager

The Old Town’s been thrown a lifeline with BID plans – Kevin Buckle

Good to see that a new project manager for the proposed Old Town BID has been appointed. Currently there is a very one-sided competition between businesses in the New Town and Old Town with Essential Edinburgh representing many of the big businesses and institutions and the Old Town without any organised representation.

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