Kevin Buckle: Our biggest acts are grown by small venues

With the announcement of the artists to play the Ross Bandstand during the Edinburgh Summer Sessions, including Kasabian (left) and Paloma Faith, there has been disappointment in some quarters that those appearing are so mainstream. Of course, for a venue of that size these are the sort of artists needed to make such an event viable.

Olaf Furniss holds valuable music seminars

Kevin Buckle: There is no Creative Scotland conspiracy over music funding

Given how badly Creative Scotland handle their funding and, probably more importantly, how badly they explain how they handle their funding, it is no wonder artists want more input if not control.

Globe of Death

Liam Rudden: The day I survived Cirque Berserk’s Globe of Death

OVER the years, I’ve lost track of the weird and wonderful situations this job has landed me in. From enjoying amazing views across the Forth from the roof of the National Portrait Gallery to dragging up as a panto Dame with Allan Stewart, the unexpected is never far away.

Queen Elizabeth and  Anna Wintour

Fiona Duff: A frown is a smile upside down

So, I had my day planned out quite carefully. It was all going to be very sociable – meeting someone for a dog walk first thing, then coffee with another friend and later dog walk and lunch with someone else.

A Scottie dog mascot waves goodbye at the closing ceremony of the 1986 Commonwealth Games at Meadowbank

Susan Morrison: Wave goodbye to Maxwell the runaway blimp

Drove past Meadowbank last week, sitting shuttered and silent, forlornly waiting for the bulldozer and the wrecking ball.

We all like to have our favourite running machine at the gym (Picture: Ian Georgeson)

Susan Morrison: The sneaky – and smelly – ways we mark our territory

It’s astonishing how territorial we can get over space that actually isn’t ours, we just happen to sit in it, work out in it or use it week in, week out.

A mummy cuddle is great, but maybe not every night

Hayley Matthews: My six-year-old just wants to sleep with his mummy

I slept in yesterday morning, because I only got to sleep at around 6am when my son got out of our bed to kick a football up and down the hall.

Leader comment: No-one should be sleeping rough in Edinburgh in 2018

Leader comment: No-one should be sleeping rough in Edinburgh in 2018

WE do not know how the man who tragically died on East London Street yesterday came to be sleeping rough.

Police question people in Princes Street Gardens yesterday. Picture: Jon Savage

Leader comment: Be vigilant but carry on as normal

the revelation that the suspicious package found in Princes Street Gardens was not an elaborate hoax but an explosive device with the potential to cause injuries will have caused alarm around the city.

Volunteers and residents pictured at the Cyrenians farm in 1981

Ewan Aitken: That political decision that’s making people homeless

When I turned 50, which wasn’t yesterday, my daughter, then aged eight, asked me: “What’s it like to be half way through your life?” I loved her confidence I would make it to my century, though the “half way” did get me thinking about what I had, and hadn’t, done in my 50 years so far.

St Margaret's House is a focal point for the Meadowbank communities

John McLellan: Meadowbank plans could be so much better

Car parking, student flats and privacy are the emerging concerns from the first public consultation about the Meadowbank masterplan on Tuesday afternoon at the Edinburgh Palette arts complex.

Sheffield may have a tram network, not just a single line like Edinburgh, but John McLellan know where he'd rather live

John McLellan: A world-class city needs decent roads – or hover-buses

Hats off to Edinburgh, we’ve topped another league table of good places to be, the latest being for the best British cities in which to invest.

Opinion 4
A blue ribbon is used as a symbol to promote awareness of prostate cancer (Picture: Getty)

Steve Cardownie: I’m waiting for cancer test results

After a blood test found a possible marker of prostate cancer, Steve Cardownie is to have a sample taken from his prostate to determine whether he has the disease. Here he writes about the potentially life-saving test that can catch the cancer early.

Opinion 1
Liz McAreavey is CEO of Edinburgh Chamber Of Commerce. Picture: Scott Louden

Liz McAreavey: Give something back and we will all profit

Tempus Fugit – February is almost at an end and the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Business Awards are over for another year.

Chief Inspector Alan Carson is the Local Area Commander for South West Edinburgh. Picture: Alistair Linford

Chief Inspector Alan Carson: Hitting back at violence and drugs

In my first column as the Local Area Commander for South West Edinburgh, I’d like to recognise the ongoing and extremely important work of my Local Alcohol and Violence Reduction Unit or LAVRU as they are affectionately known.

Edinburgh councillor Lewis Ritchie has quit the SNP and will continue as an independent

Steve Cardownie: SNP shouldn’t lose sleep over Ritchie’s resignation

The SNP Group in the City Chambers will obviously regret their numbers have been reduced from 19 to 18, with the resignation of Councillor Lewis Ritchie who will continue as an “independent”.

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Schoolgirl Ivy Hare, 17, a resident of Edinburgh but from Orange County, California, proudly shows off her polling card before  voting in the Scottish independence referendum (Picture: Getty)

Brian Monteith: Voting at 16? They can’t even use a sunbed

It comes around every so often and it’s currently being promoted yet again – the idea that 16 and 17-year-olds should have a vote in general elections.

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Head of Social Bite Josh Littlejohn

Leader comment: What difference did Sleep in the Park make?

last year’s Sleep in the Park event was truly extraordinary.

Potholes can occur after a road has been dug up by a utility firm (Picture: Neil Hanna)

Donald Anderson: Why potholes are an ever-present problem

Turns out fixing potholes isn’t easy. I really tried, and I made some progress.

Opinion 4
Auditors say the Government aren't fully funding their childcare promises. Picture: Michael Gillen

Daniel Johnson: SNP doesn’t value local solutions

Joe Biden, former vice-president to Barack Obama, famously said: “Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.”

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