Helen Martin: BBC has a licence to print money – they should share it with old people

AS the BBC has decided to end free licences for many over-75s, yet still dole them out to MPs, the ­question is how (not legally, but morally and historically) it has the right to do so.

In 1923, the Wireless Telegraphy Act introduced a licence for radio sets. In 1946 that was extended to include new televisions, at a cost of £2. At that stage the public only had access to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). It was 1971 before radios were exempt.

Hayley always opts for cruelty-free cosmetics. Picture: Jon Savage

Hayley Matthews: No bunnies suffer to conceal my eye bags

I had a really nice morning ­during the week after being invited to an Hourglass breakfast event at Harvey Nichols, to ­celebrate the launch of the Unreal High Shine lipgloss launch (vegan). Being a fan of the cruelty-free brand, I was probably first to rsvp with a “hell, yeah”.

Participation in youth football helps boys and girls grow into responsible adults. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Hutchison Vale is the kind of club that needs support – Steve Cardownie

“Youth football is nothing if it’s not about social inclusion. For us, and I’m sure this applies to other clubs too, it’s about bringing boys and girls together from all backgrounds to enjoy sport. To give them a purpose and to keep them active. If they are healthy and focused and learning the core skills of a sport – discipline, organisation, communication, friendship and so on – then they will hopefully be better equipped to avoid some of the obvious distractions that society will put in front of them and more driven when it comes to their education and in the fullness of time, work.”

Nicola Benedetti has spoken out against cuts to musical education. Picture: John Devlin

Angus Robertson: Benefits to youngsters of music lessons are off the scale

Edinburgh is a musical capital. This summer we can enjoy the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, the Deutsch Oper Berlin, the English Concert ensemble, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and a host of international stars playing amongst other pieces the poignant oratorio written to commemorate the fallen of the First World War, by Scotland’s leading contemporary composer Sir James MacMillan.

D-Day veteran Harry Read befriended a German veteran during the coommemorative events. Picture: PA

D-Day tribute shows you have to defend peace – Angus Robertson

The commemorative events marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day have come to an end. From the pomp and circumstance in Portsmouth, to the 300 veterans who revisited the Normandy beaches, and the Scottish veterans honoured at the French consulate in Edinburgh, it has been tremendously moving.

Ten candidates qualified to take part in the first round

Tory leadership race: they're off!

THEY’RE off. After much parading around and intense discussion of the odds, the 2019 Tory leadership race is officially under way. Ten runners have set off but at least one will be eliminated as early as Thursday when MPs have their first round of voting.

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