Daniel Johnson: Dishonest SNP making Edinburgh suffer

For most people December means Christmas. For MSPs, however, it brings the Scottish budget. While he tries to present his figures as generous handouts, Derek Mackay has been more Scrooge than Santa.

Jimmy Page plays guitar with Led Zeppelin in 1985 (Picture: AP)

Steve Cardownie: Jimmy Page’s place in Edinburgh’s musical history

While reminiscing with some mates about the Edinburgh music scene of bygone years, the usual names were being bandied about.

Children take part in a "School's Out For Summer" event organised by Edinburgh Leisure (Picture: Steven Scott Taylor)

Steve Cardownie: How you can influence Edinburgh’s future

Edinburgh City Council’s budget engagement process closes on 19 December so there are still a few days left for those who want to submit their views on the proposals which the Capital’s coalition have put forward and which have been extensively reported on by this newspaper.

Sammy Halliday, 9, and Becca North, 10, at Forthview Primary School's breakfast club (Picture: Toby Williams)

Steve Cardownie: Breakfast clubs must be preserved

Today Edinburgh council’s education, children and families committee will consider a report updating councillors on the development of breakfast clubs throughout the city’s schools.

hands up who knows how many people are in a quartet (Picture: AFP/Getty)

Steve Cardownie: When life mirrors Only Fools and Horses

As the city centre filled up with visitors intent on enjoying the festivities on offer, a well-known West End bar decided to provide some entertainment for its customers by putting on some live music last Saturday lunchtime.


Euan McGrory: City’s rich heritage deserves protection in Restalrig as well as on Royal Mile

When people talk about Edinburgh’s fascinating history and its outstanding built heritage, they tend to think of just a handful of places.

Derek Mackay faces some tough choices

Ian Swanson: Why tax rises and spending cuts are in the post

SCOTLAND’S Finance Secretary does not have a red box to hold as he poses for ­pictures or an official ­residence whose doorstep he could use for such a photo call.

Sting at Leith Dockers Club. Pic: Greg Macvean

Liam Rudden: Sting’s visit to the Dockers Club gets Leith buzzing

THE buzz of disbelief as news got out that pop icon Sting was performing on the stage of Leith Dockers Club earlier this week was the reflected in the response on social media; ‘Say what now? Sting down at Leith dockers??’ tweeted @Antihippy, while @LeithLate seemed a bit more bemused: ‘Erm...so this happened today.’

Victoria Street, Edinburgh

Tommy Sheppard: Edinburgh needs to get a grip on its Airbnb craze

Ever rented out a room in your flat? I have. Many people in Edinburgh have too. The city sees a massive influx during August and without residents offering up spare rooms – or indeed their whole home – there’d simply be nowhere for the festival to live.

Opinion 11
Homelessness is a complex problem that won't be solved by building houses alone.

Adam McVey: What’s behind Edinburgh’s affordable housing boom

The coalition is driving the most ambitious expansion of affordable housing that Edinburgh has ever seen, writes council leader Adam McVey.

Opinion 1
Theresa May (Picture: Getty)

Helen Martin: Why Brexit reminds me of Edinburgh tram fiasco

Theresa May must feel that somewhere in the world, a voodoo practitioner has created a grey-haired doll wearing a baggy Black Watch trouser suit, and impaled it with pins from head to toe.

Opinion 2
Sending a parcel to Inverness shouldn't cost more then sending it to Poland

Helen Martin: Here’s what to do with cowboy capitalists

Businesses in the UK seem to have a golden ticket to do as they like at the expense of customers and staff.


David McLean: Let’s hope we don’t need a Sleep in the Park encore

On Saturday night, I was one of 8,000-odd other people attending Sleep in the Park.

News 2
'People on the streets are cold now'

Euan McGrory: Why give a sleeping bag? Because people are cold now

IT is amazing what one man with a vision can achieve.

Opinion 1

Josh Littlejohn: ‘Tell homeless that they’re not forgotten’

Today is the day that the community gathers to fight against one of the major issues we face today, not just in Edinburgh – but Scotland, writes Josh Littlejohn

News 2
Princes Street Gardens at Christmas

Fiona Duff: The things students get up to now

So, last Sunday evening I was walking along Princes Street thinking it would be nice to go through the gardens and soak up some Christmas spirit.

Kaye Adams

Hayley Matthews: How I’ve tried to make the best of my broken family

My topic this week is one I haven’t talked about publicly until appearing on Kaye Adams’ BBC Radio Scotland show earlier in the week. I was discussing estranged siblings.

An impromptu Strip the willow

Susan Morrison: The contact sport of a St Andrews’ street ceilidh

Earlier this month I went up to St Andrews to host their St Andrews Day which, of course, actually took place on 30 November.

Cat on a hot Christmas tree

Susan Morrison: Say no to colour-themed, predecorated Christmas trees

The opening salvo of Christmas 2017 has been fired. The poinsettia has been purchased. It will grace the living room all festive season, and then, around about March, I’ll remember it’s there when the last leaf falls off one evening and gives me a wee fright.

Volunteers at a soup kitchen

Donald Walker: Volunteering with Edinburgh’s homeless can make a difference

Ahead of the first Sleep in the Park, deputy editor at The Scotsman, Donald Walker, shares his own experience working with Edinburgh’s homeless.

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