John McLellan: Cyclist statue may be too pricey

The reconfigured junction at Meadowbank Terrace has left some locals bemused at its purpose or lack of it.

Council leader Adam McVey

John McLellan: Council blind to planning problems

Without any irony, council leader Adam McVey has welcomed the Scottish Government’s intervention to sort out ongoing problems in Edinburgh’s building standards department.

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The O'Jays' song Backstabbers seems entirely appropriate for a party which plots against its own

John McLellan: House of Cards in kilts – SNP backstabbers are no joke

To my knowledge, Philadelphia soul band The O’Jays never attended a meeting of the Edinburgh SNP but their 1972 hit might seem rather familiar to Councillor Gavin Barrie.

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Councillors found themselves in the firing line as Meadowbank campaigners expressed their displeasure (Picture: Ian Georgeson)

John McLellan: Meadowbank campaigners unhappy about different things

Save Meadowbank campaigners were out in force for their public meeting last week and us councillors, put up on the stage for the inevitable coconut shy, were left in no doubt about the depth of feeling as the decision about the new sports centre plans comes closer.

The mother of 15-year-old Mohammed Ayoub, who was shot and killed by Israeli security forces on the Israel-Gaza border, sits beside a poster of her son (Picture: AFP/Getty)

Tommy Sheppard: Israel is killing unarmed Palestinian protesters

The world looks on as Palestinians die at the fence that has turned the Gaza Strip into an ‘open prison’, writes SNP MP Tommy Sheppard.

Gavin Barrie felt he was doing a good job as housing and economy convener. Picture: Stewart Attwood

Steve Cardownie: Gavin Barrie quit SNP group after an act of betrayal

And another one bites the dust! Councillor Gavin Barrie’s resignation from the city council’s SNP group may not have been that surprising.

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Liz McAreavey is chief executive of the Edinburgh Chamber Of Commerce. Picture: Scott Louden

LizMcAreavey: Is Edinburgh ready to be Europe’s data capital?

Two major digital infrastructure announcements have reinforced the belief that Edinburgh can become the data capital of Europe – with all the economic benefit and jobs that would bring.

Councillor Kate Campbell is Homelessness Champion and Housing and Economy Convener at Edinburgh City Council

Kate Campbell: Everyone deserves a home they can afford

Housing and homelessness are the absolute biggest challenge that we face as a city. And we have quite a few challenges. We are seeing more and more people becoming homeless because they can no longer afford the rent charged by private landlords. I’ll say that again. Many people in our city cannot afford a home.

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Care homes  every should treat every 'client with the utmost respect and dignity

Steve Cardownie: We need to raise the bar in care homes

Recently I was given the opportunity to take a guided tour around the new Northcare Manor care home at Meggetgate by William Sawers, a company director.

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Jeremy Balfour's controversial amendment to the Social Security Bill was dropped. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Steve Cardownie: The MSP who puts pets ahead of people

Jeremy Balfour, a Tory MSP, wrote in this paper, under the heading ‘Time to update pet welfare law’, that “it is vital that Scottish legislation ensures that no pet suffers or has its welfare compromised and that, in situations where issues arise, the relevant authority can take action.”

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Average life expectancy leapt from from 52.6 years in 1960 to 71.9 years in 2015. Picture: Getty

Brian Monteith: Globalisation is making this world more wonderful

Being a regular columnist, it’s very easy to become the weekly whinger or Mr Angry.

Mark Beaumont will be speaking at the Pedal on Parliament

Alison Johnstone: I’m gearing up for Pedal on Parliament

Whisper it, but Spring is here, and it’s time for what has become an annual fixture on the Scottish Parliament’s calendar – Pedal on Parliament.

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Scotland has had links with Malawi since missionary David Livingstone visited in the 19th century (Picture: Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Susan Dalgety: Criticise but don’t condemn Malawi over gay rights

It is a big day for the Scottish Parliament tomorrow. The President of Malawi, His Excellency Professor Peter Mutharika, will address MSPs in a rare speech by a head of state.

Donald Trump is expected to have tea with the Queen at Balmoral (Picture: Getty)

Susan Dalgety: Queen to have tea with world’s biggest Twitter troll

I note another President is planning a visit to Scotland.

Susan Dalgety found herself on the receiving end of GP rage on her last trip to the surgery

Susan Dalgety: We should question the SNP on health, not GPs

I am sure Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer meant well when she urged us last week to move away from our “doctor knows best” mentality.

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Professor Sir Geoff Palmer, pictured in front of a statue of James Watt, described the UK Government's actions as 'almost unpardonable'

Ian Swanson: Evil of Enoch Powell shames Britain again

IT is shamefully appropriate that the Windrush scandal – which has seen retirement-age citizens who arrived from the Caribbean as children between 1948 and 1971 being denied services and threatened with deportation - should coincide with the 50th anniversary of Enoch Powell’s notorious “rivers of blood” speech which symbolised a racism we hoped had been left in the past.

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In Scotland, 20 per cent of households keep one or more cats. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Jeremy Balfour: Time to update pet welfare law

For many years now Brits have enjoyed the reputation of being a nation of pet lovers. Be they furry, fluffy, feathered or covered in scales, we are still as obsessed with our pets as ever. In Scotland, 20 per cent of households keep one or more dogs and 15 cent keep one or more cats. While there is not accurate data on the number of other species kept, we do know that animals like reptiles, birds and small mammals are kept or sold in their thousands in Scotland. In recent years, the pet market has increasingly diversified with high street pet shops selling a varied and diverse range of species, from hamsters to boa constrictors.

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Small businesses are more likely to experience a cyber-attack than corporations. Picture: Getty

Don’t be the victim of a hack attack

EDINBURGH is incredibly fortunate to be famed for its tourism as well as being regarded as a bona fide shopping destination.

The Granton gas tower site offers endless opportunities. Picture: Phil Wilkinson

Cammy Day: Council plans to make North Edinburgh next go-to place

Let’s start with some great news for the city: the council has managed to purchase the former National Grid site in Granton – opening the door to fantastic opportunities for much-needed new housing.

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Smartphones seem indispensible to some millennials (Picture: PA)

Helen Martin: Me, a Luddite? I’ve lived the technological revolution

TEN per cent of millennials would rather break a bone than give up their smartphone for the day. They probably think all over-60s are thick Luddites who can’t cope with change.

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