Kevin Buckle: The ones to watch on Twitter

Avalanche has always had a very successful social media presence and in particular a popular Twitter account. I hope that I come up with some decent original content myself but I also have to thank many other accounts that provide an endless source of news, facts and entertainment all day and felt it was time to pay my dues.

Connor Murphy

Liam Rudden: Day out at Musselburgh Races proves a winner

NOTHING beats a day at the races, especially when the sun is out and the fizz is flowing. At Musselburgh Racecourse last Saturday, that thought flitted through my mind as I arrived at the East Lothian venue’s newest addition to their annual calender, The Edinburgh Gin Scottish Sprint Raceday.

Mica Paris

Fiona Duff: Seaside Fringe something special

So, while I was away in Italy last week I missed the Fringe launch. Well, more importantly I missed a party or two which mark the lead up to the biggest arts festival in the world. I do love Edinburgh in August.

Meadowbank Stadium. Pic: Neil Hanna

Euan McGrory: Bid to save Meadowbank Stadium stand from demolition is no prank

There are plenty of people who will be sad to see the main stand at Meadowbank Stadium go.

Youngsters in fancy dress enjoy themselves at Leith Gala Day. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Susan Morrison: It’s a case of who dares bins at Leith Gala

2 Para, the lads who yomped across the Falklands in ’83 have the proud motto “Ready for Anything”. The SAS, the chaps who abseiled down the front of the Iranian Embassy in 1980 without so much as a single box of Milk Tray between them, sport “Who Dares Wins” on their cap badges. Stirring stuff.

Pride marchers make their way down the Royal Mile in a riot of colour. PIcture: Scott Taylor

Ricky Markham: Why doesn’t the Capital take pride in gay festival?

The starting pistol has sounded and cities the length and breadth of the UK are gearing up for a gay old time. In case you didn’t know, Pride season is upon us.

The city council wants Edinburgh to be 'The Data Capital of Europe'. Picture: Getty

John McLellan: Way to go before we’re Data Capital

Much deserved backslapping this week at the latest Ernst & Young attractiveness survey which showed Scotland was outpacing the UK for foreign investment, a 7 per cent increase in the number of projects in 2017-18 compared to 6 percent for the UK as a whole.

Cyrenians believes that no-one chooses to be homeless and works to support people who need help. Picture:: Lisa Fergusn

Ewan Aitken: Cyrenians has helped those to whom ‘life happened’ for 50 years

Today a pop star, a politician and people with lived experience of homelessness and the issues which can lead to homelessness will gather at Queen Margaret University for a very special reason: to mark the 50th anniversary of the work of Cyrenians; 50 years of working to stop homelessness and supporting people.

A prime example of spectacularly inconsiderate parking

John McLellan: Beam up the selfish parkers

For a city plagued by drivers who think hazard warning lights are also Star Trek-style cloaking devices which render their vehicles invisible, the legislation announced this week to make double parking and pavement obstruction illegal can’t come soon enough.

EICC chief executive Marshall Dallas was a no-show. Picture: Jane Barlow

John McLellan: An Exchange of ideas that’s got us mystified

There we were, the city’s Housing & Economy committee, all set to hear from the EICC’s chief executive about his vision for a hotel and hospitality school to develop his business, but where was he? Marshall Dallas was on the list of deputations circulated the previous evening, but was nowhere to be seen.

Mick and Keef provided satisfaction at Murrayfield. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Steve Cardownie: That was the weekend that was in the Capital

Another weekend over – and what a weekend it was if you were in Edinburgh!

Cars are unlikely to find they can travel at the permitted speed of 70mph on the new bridge. Picture: Alistair Linford

Brian Monteith: Crossing definitely not life in the fast lane

It is a wonder of engineering, a beautiful testimony to the blend of function and aesthetics and a fitting addition to the bridges from the 19th and 20th centuries. I write, of course about the Queensferry Crossing, that marvellous tribute to worldwide ­co-operation by private commerce and ­government planning.

Chief Inspector Alan Carson is Local Area Commander for South West Edinburgh. Picture: Alistair Linford

Capital cops: Stone me – what a busy weekend!

Fresh from my weekend as duty officer for the city, I was reminded of the unique nature of working in Edinburgh.

The Sustainable Growth Commission  chair Andrew Wilson outside the Scottish Parliament.Picture; PA

Alex Cole-Hamilton: Newsflash – independence is not going to happen

Despite what you might have heard from the SNP conference over the weekend, independence isn’t going to happen. There. I’ve said it.

Nicola Sturgeon delivers her keynote conference speech. Picture: Getty

Ian Swanson: EU vote hasn’t given Nicola Sturgeon independence bounce she needs

WHO’D have thought it? A new poll claims Scots are more optimistic than people in the rest of the UK. It may go against the national stereotype - where “not too bad” is as enthusiastic as it gets and an observation about glorious sunshine is met with the response “we’ll pay for it” – but the figures in the BBC survey were stark.

Jen Hardy and Laurence Cowan from Breast Cancer Now meet Kezia Dugdale

Kezia Dugdale: Let’s give Scots women this cancer lifeline

LAST week I met Jen Hardy, a mother from Edinburgh, above. She has incurable secondary breast cancer.

Women hold up banners as they march down the Royal Mile during Processions 2018. Picture: Getty

Kezia Dugdale: Keep marching, ladies– we’re not there yet

What a wonderful spectacle Processions was. Women wearing green, white and violet marched the streets of Cardiff, Belfast, ­London and Edinburgh to mark the ­centenary of some women receiving the vote for the first time.

Revellers enjoy Edinburgh's Hogmanay. Pic: Ian Rutherford

Euan McGrory: Edinburgh’s Hogmanay has lost touch with its roots

Gathering for the Bells at the Tron Kirk with a hip flask. First footing the neighbours with a lump of coal.

Russian Matryoshka dolls of Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal and Lionel Messi of Argentina. Picture: Getty

Kezia Dugdale: Let’s give basketball a hand – and not price youngsters out of the sport

WITH the World Cup kicking off on Thursday, companies are trying to flog us giant 4K TV screens, half-time pizzas and reclining sofas so we can watch the matches in the comfort of our homes.


Gordon Dewar: Tourist tax shouldn’t just be paid by hotels

Other businesses, including airports, could contribute to a levy, says Edinburgh Airport chief executive Gordon Dewar.

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