Band who trashed Edinburgh bar cancel gigs after death threats

A BAND has apologised 'wholeheartedly' after a city centre bar was wrecked following a gig.

Accommodation at Bannerman's was trashed, Picture: Christian Kimmett

from Facebook
Accommodation at Bannerman's was trashed, Picture: Christian Kimmett from Facebook

Majik Carpet, a four-piece Indie band from Perth, were slammed after the apartment at Bannerman’s bar was ruined with graffiti on Wednesday night.

The band has now issued a full apology for the “childish mistake” after receiving death threats on social media.

In a statement, the band said: “We are desperate for this opportunity to apologise publicly for the damage that was caused to the premises under our watch.

“We would like to make clear that although we were responsible for the accommodation - having gone out to sample Edinburgh’s delights - we were not present as a full band at the time of the vandalism.

“When confronted with this, we reacted immaturely and in disbelief. We tried to clean up the mess and panicked about the situation at the time.

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Scots band Majik Carpet slammed for trashing Bannerman's bar

“This is in no way an excuse for our neglect of the accommodation that was given to us.”

The statement added: “We have been in contact with Bannerman’s throughout the day and have apologised profusely for the damage and promised that any costs for damages would be met by the band as a whole and have reiterated how sorry we were that spray-paint found on the premises was used in such a destructive manner.”


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The band has now been forced to cancel future dates on its current tour after a backlash on social media.

The statement said: “We, as a band have been collectively vilified for the behaviour of a few and have received many threats of not only damage to our musical careers and reputations but personal threats of violence and most worrying, even death threats via social media.

“Our decision from here forth is to cancel any further dates on our tour – but this has happened through a social media ‘black-listing’.

“From here forth, we believe the best decision for the band would be to cancel all upcoming plans for the future. We stand together as a band, we take responsibility as a band and we would like to thank the venues, promoters and fellow musicians that have supported us through this regretful time.”