DJ Culture - JAKN Resident f-n AKA Milkovic

What is this month’s floor filler?Sante – Ce Una (Carlo Lio remix).

Who was your DJ inspiration?

For technique, skill and track selection it has always been my JakN partner, S3konz. We have always worked well together and our love for all things techno keeps us going to this day. Recently, I’ve been practising the use of three decks so, of course, I’ve listened to the man that is Ben Sims a good few times.

What was your most banging gig ever?

As a DJ, my best and most memorable gigs were all the parties we hosted at legendary club The Venue (top floor). That place went off every month over the two years we ran there. Awesome times. More recently, though, I was given the chance to drop a three-deck set at Compakt at the beginning of the year. That one left a huge smile on my face. As a punter, I probably couldn’t just pick out one gig – there have been a few – but the most influential nights that I went to before embarking on this DJ road would have to be nights like Airborne, Serotonin, Pillbox and, of course, Lost (Dogma).


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What was the first track you ever bought?

Jeezo, another tough question. Probably something by The Prodigy.

Favourite all-time track?

Hellfish & The Producer – No More Rock And Roll.


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Any up and coming gigs?

Edinburgh Techno Gathering @Potterow. As for JakN, we are still on the hunt for a suitable venue to host our parties.