DJ GR Ant’s Floorfillaz

Omid 16B - Electronics

Omid’s exclusive DJing track previously unavailable until now. Stacked with early Chicago/Detroit tonky keys for that instant hands-in-the-air vibe. Ace.

Mr Bizz - Black Rain

A dirty, driving tech houser drilling straight to the underground. With teeth-clenching percussion and an infectious groove, this is peak-time fodder for house or tech sets alike. Tasty.

Oliver Schories - Mother

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The young German producer makes up in raw talent what others take years to master. Warm, subtle, and at times a deep, dark tech-fuelled whopper with beautiful melodies. Emotional.

Roland Klinkenberg - Now What, John Dalagelis Remix

Quality electronic house with deep chord stabs, powerful beats and dripping with atmosphere. Dalagelis uses clever drum programing and builds the rhythm over and over until you can’t take much more. Bomb.

Pig & Dan, Mark Reeve - Origami

This is techno with a difference... a dark, menacing disco-styled riff and slamming beats. Will be destroying dance floors and finding its way into everyone’s DJ boxes. Classic.

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