Morbius release date in the UK, cast, age rating, and how does it relate to Spider-Man: No Way Home?

The dark superhero film has just been delayed for the sixth time.

Wednesday, 16th February 2022, 1:31 pm

Morbius is the latest film in the Sony universe that so far includes Spider-Man and Venom.

All the films are based on Marvel comics, but the rights to the films are owned by Sony.

Morbius follows the story of a scientist suffering from a rare blood disease.

Attempting to cure himself, Dr Michael Morbius develops a form of transgenic vampirism that comes with superhuman abilities and a thirst for blood.

Here’s when you will be able to watch Morbius in cinemas and what to expect from the upcoming release.

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What is the Morbius age rating?

The Morbius age rating has not yet been confirmed, with an expected release a couple of weeks ahead of the release date.

Judging from other similar Sony releases, such as Venom: Let There Be Carnage, we might be able to expect that Morbius will be rated 15.

The film is certainly darker than the Spider-Man films from Sony, for example, which will likely give it a higher age rating than Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Jared Leto moves from DC to Marvel by taking on this role as Dr Michael Morbius. Photo: Sony Pictures.

When is the UK release date for Morbius?

Originally supposed to release in July 2020, various conflicts have meant that Morbius has now been pushed back six times.

Now, the film will premiere in cinemas on April 1, as opposed to January 28 as most recently planned.

This latest delay is due to global surges in positive Covid cases due to the fast-spreading Omicron variant.

Easter eggs from all three existing Spider-Man universes can be spotted in the trailer for Morbius. Photo: Sony Pictures.

Who is in the Morbius cast?

Jared Leto plays the lead role of Dr Michael Morbius, the man who contracts a dangerous form of vampirism while in search of a cure for a blood disease.

Leto is joined by a range of high-profile actors, including Doctor Who’s Matt Smith, Pacific Rim: Uprising’s Ardia Arjona, Carnival Row’s Jared Harris, and F9’s Tyrese Gibson.

Micheal Keaton will also reprise his role as the Vulture, having first appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Is Morbius a Marvel film?

This crossover from Michael Keaton has sparked many to wonder how exactly Morbius fits into the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe which Spider-Man: Homecoming hails from.

The film follows a man who contracts a unique form of vampirism that comes with superhuman abilities. Photo: Sony Pictures.

Warning: spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home will be below.

We saw characters from several different Spider-Man universes converge in Spider-Man: No Way Home, fully blending the cinematic worlds of Sony and Marvel for the first time.

The post-credits scene for the film also revealed that a drop of Venom’s sticky matter stayed behind when Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock was pulled back to his original universe.

That heavily implies that Sony’s Venom still has a role to play in the MCU.

However, Morbius is still a Sony film, despite being based on Marvel comics.

It’s unclear just yet how closely it will relate to other films in the Marvel or Sony cinematic universes.

How does the film relate to Spider-Man: No Way Home and is Andrew Garfield in Morbius?

Nonetheless, there are still several connections between Morbius and other films from both Sony and Marvel, aside from Keaton’s appearance.

In one shot in the trailer, we can see graffiti of Spider-Man with ‘murderer’ written on it on the wall, so we know the web-slinging superhero exists in this universe.

Fans have debated which version of Spider-Man this could be, with many suspecting it could mark the return of Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man, although this is not confirmed.

Other Spidey-related Easter eggs include a reference to the Daily Bugle, seen most often in Tobey Maguire’s trilogy, and an Oscorp Tower, as teased at the end of Andrew Garfield’s second film.

On top of this, the scientists reference an incident in San Francisco, which surely refers to the damage that Eddie Brock and Venom inflicted in their two films so far.

There are enough references to tie Morbius to any one of these three universes, but only time will tell how they are actually connected.