Jonathan Melville: There’s only one James Bond

DANIEL Craig may be getting ready to reload his Walther PPK for the latest Bond epic, Skyfall, but it seems Sean Connery is giving him a run for his Aston Martin, at least until Zac Efron is old enough.

The Cineworld cinema chain recently asked its customers for their thoughts on the premium Bond and, perhaps unsurprisingly, Connery took 45% of the votes from Scottish fans, with blonde Bond Craig a close second.

Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and George Lazenby were third, fourth, fifth and sixth respectively, but it was in the Dream Bond category that things got more interesting.

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Most recently seen in the IRA thriller Shadow Dancer, actor Clive Owen was selected by one in five voters as the man they’d most like to see don a tuxedo and take on supervillains when Craig hangs up his holster.

Further down the list finds Aussie heartthrob Hugh Jackman at number two and Jason Statham at three, but it’s not so clear how the 79-year-old Michael Caine made it to fourth place - The Man with The Golden Hearing Aid?

Tom Hardy, at five, could be a good choice for the secret agent, but number six’s Daniel Radcliffe would be less-than-convincing as an embittered ex-Naval officer killing for Queen and country, unless he plays the role of James Bond Jnr.

The final four places are taken up by Michael Fassbender, Robert Pattinson, Jeremy Renner and, finally, High School Musical’s Zac Efron. While I’d be happy to see Fassbender in a future film, I’m unsure about Efron as the half-Scottish spy.

Still, Daniel Craig was once the target of a campaign to stop him getting the part and he’s proved the doubters wrong.

Spy School Musical anyone?

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